Chayanit Chotbenjamaporn(SAT® 1700)
Kaplan provides tips on each type of question. I can predict what the questions and answers should be which helps me work a lot faster.
Palita Ngernnuruk (SAT ® 1,870)
With all facilities and test preparations Kaplan providing I have gained a lot more confidence on the test. The teachers are very supportive, cooperative.
Sasiporn Mewongukote (GRE ® 316)
Kaplan covers every area in GRE ® test. With the diagnostic test, my weak points were identified. The curriculum and online assets are great.
Anawach Chiamprasert (SAT ® 1,960)
Kaplan method is organized, well prioritized and effective for a long term preparation. Kaplan facilities encourage individual practice and learning.
Plaifa Hongmanorom (TOEFL ® iBT 104)
Kaplan’s strategies are really beneficial, especially in Speaking and writing sections. Kaplan Lesson-on-demand is the productive way to review the content.
Naiyana Kopsyakkin (IELTS ® 7.0)
The environment in Kaplan is quite friendly; most staffs are kind and helpful. I gained a lot more confident in speaking!
Kasidit Pruekwangkhao (IELTS ® overall 7.5)
Kaplan helped me boost my confidence and assure  that I would be able to get a desirable result.  I learned a lot of new methods.
Chayarndorn Phumsatitpong (TOEFL ® iBT 107)
The teachers are awesome!! They know how to beat the test and, importantly, they can convey that to us!
Jenna Tan ( SAT ® overall score 2,070 !!! )
Kaplan was the best!! …. not only complete set of SAT ® lesson books but all facilities that I needed to improve my score.